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Falkirk 3 - 2 Aberdeen

HT Score: Falkirk 2 - 0 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Falkirk scorers: Logan, Logan, McTavish
Aberdeen scorers: McDonald, Ward.

01/01/1907 | KO:

At Brockville Park, before 5000 spectators. The game had a fast opening, and six minutes from the start Logan scored the first goal for Falkirk. Logan again got away and cleverly passing three or four opponents he scored a second goal for the locals. Half-time:- Falkirk, two goals; Aberdeen, nothing. Aberdeen resumed in a determined fashion, and McDonald opened their account in a scrimmage. Succeeding this Falkirk gave MacFarlane some anxious moments. McTavish succeeded in scoring just before the call of time. Ward registered a second goal for Aberdeen. Result:- Falkirk, three goals; Aberdeen, two goals. The drawings amounted to £111.

Source: The Scotsman, 2nd January 1907

Aberdeen were fortunately able to fulfil their Scottish League fixture with Falkirk yesterday, although at noon it looked as if snow was to again prove a stumbling block. At that time the pitch was covered with melting snow, and football looked impossible, but the Falkirk executive sent about the task of clearing up, I and, with a liberal application of salt and sand, had the pitch in a satisfactory condition by the time for the kick-off. Teams:-

Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Willox, Boyle; Halkett, Strang, W. Low; McDonald, Ward, H. Low, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Falkirk: Allan; Hotchkiss, Gordon; Leishman, Anderson, Collins; Simpson, McTavish, Logan, McAulay, Davidson.
Referee - J. S. Muir, Glasgow.

The game was bright and into resting, despite the heavy going, and on both sides clever play was shown under difficult circumstances. The first 10 minutes were full of excitement, as first Aberdeen, led by McDonald, and then Falkirk, led by Simpson, attacked with vigour and determination. The home team showed superior combination, however, and, as a result of some tricky work, Logan was enabled to beat Macfarlane close in within 6 minutes of the start. This success seemed to have rather dash the hopes of the northerners, and a few minutes later Logan added a second goal. For a time it looked all over with Aberdeen, the homesters playing with confidence begotten off success. Aberdeen rallied, Lennie on the left and McDonald on the right putting in some brilliant aggressive work. They were met by a dour defence, which allowed few chances, and the interval arrived with the score - Falkirk 2 goals, Aberdeen 0.

The second half so a change in the game. Aberdeen rose to the occasion, and simply stormed the Falkirk citadel, which fell in the second minute to a grand effort by McDonald. From this point play and veered completely round, and the Falkirk defence had their work cut out in keeping their slight lead. The ultimately got relief by a policy of long kicking, and in a bustle up near goal, in which Macfarlane was conspicuous by clever saving, McTavish scored for Falkirk with an unsuitable shot. The succeeding play was very even, both goals having narrow escapes of downfall. A few minutes from the close Ward, taking advantage of a mix up between the home backs, reduced his team's leeway by one. This close to scoring, the Aberdonians being very lively till the whistle blew.

Aberdeen made a very good impression, and such a close result was not anticipated by the Falkirk folks, whose team has been doing so brilliantly in the league of late one. Macfarlane was in his usual fine form at goal. Willox was the better of the backs. Strang shown at half, and McDonald, Lennie, and H. Low were front lines stars. The front line showed lack of combination in the first half, but improved greatly in the second, Lennie and O'Hagan particularly shining. Had the same form been shown in the first 45 minutes there would have been a different tale.

The gate amounted to £103.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 2nd January 1907

Falkirk Teamsheet
Allan; Hotchkiss, Gordon; Leishman, Anderson, Collins; Simpson, MaTavish, Logan, McAulay, Davidson
Attendance: 4,000
Venue: Brockville Park, Falkirk
Referee: Mr. J. S. Muir, Glasgow
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