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St. Mirren 2 - 2 Aberdeen

HT Score: St. Mirren 2 - 1 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
St. Mirren scorers: Cunningham, Gray
Aberdeen scorers: Wilson, Wilson.

16/03/1907 | KO:

These teams met at Paisley. The Saints showed great dash at the start, and within a few seconds of the kick-off scored, Cunningham sending in a shot which MacFarlane made a good attempt to save, but he fell in the effort. Aberdeen soon rallied after this reverse, and from a beautiful pass by Lennie, Wilson put the teams on equal terms. Hard play continued, and near the interval St Mirren from a breakaway again got the lead Gray being the scorer. At half-time ends were changed with the Saints having two goals to their opponents one. Early in the second half the visitors became aggressive, and Wilson again scored. The shot being the result of another fine bit of work by Lennie. The remainder of the game was more equally contested, give-an-take play being indulged in and there was no further scoring. Result:- A draw - St Mirren, two goals; Aberdeen, two goals.

Source: The Scotsman, 18th March 1907

The Aberdeen team visited Paisley and played off their League match with Saint Mirren. Aberdeen were without O'Hagan, who was in Glasgow playing for a Ireland against Scotland. The weather was fair, and the game was witnessed by about 4000 spectators. Teams:-

Saint Mirren: Rae; White, McCulloch; Greenlees; Robertson, McAvoy; Clements, J. Wilson, Cunningham, Gray, Anderson.
Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Gault, Brebner; Halkett, Strang, W. Low; Macdonald, H. Low, Wilson, Simpson, Lennie.
Referee - Mister J. Wilson, Broxburn.

Aberdeen kicked off, but were immediately pushed back, and right at the start coming and scored a very soft goal for the Paisley men. He left Macfarlane have a shot with little been in it, and the Aberdeen custodian to get too easily, latterly foozling and lifting the ball a few inches over the goal line, but not into the net. The point was, however, allowed by the referee. Even play followed, but the Saints were soon again dangerous, and a good try by Gray went over the bar. Saints' goal had a miraculous seascape 1/4 hour from the start, Rae getting mixed up in a scramble. A minute or so afterwards, however, Wilson scored for Aberdeen. Saints' backs got crumpled up, and Rae ran out and failed to block Wilson as the latter drove into the net. Lennie's run and cross over was a splendid effort. This success imparted fresh vigour into Aberdeen, and their continued attack was marked by some rousing passages. Saints' front rank also wakened up, but they missed some good chances by poor judgment and poorer shooting. Their passing was good in the open, but near the goal they were easily upset by the defence. Latterly Cunningham let drive a great shot at Macfarlane, but the Aberdonian was not to be caught, and saved magnificently. Five minutes from time Gray put saints in the lead with a second goal, taken at close range.

Since restarted, and right away Anderson had a very bad miss. A few minutes later Wilson scored for Aberdeen with an open goal, Reid being unable to regain his position after a fist out. The pace now increased, and both teams strained every nerve to get the lead. Saints had a couple of corners, but were beaten back, and then Aberdeen were prominent in Rae's vicinity. Macdonald got a nasty knock here, but was able to resume. Aberdeen's shooting was good, but Rae kept steady and returned some very dangerous balls. Clements had a good run up for Saints, but he lost control when success seemed assured.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 18th March 1907

An Improvement.

Last season Aberdeen only secured two points from St. Mirren; they have closed their account for this one with a gain of one point. We have so often remarked that Aberdeen have seldom been in luck's way, and have lost by the merest chance, that we might be accused of reiteration were it not an absolute fact, that our team deserved to win on Saturday, and the Saints were in fortune's way to draw the game. It was a pure bit of luck which gave St. Mirren their first goal, for shortly after Aberdeen had a somewhat similar experience round Rae, and claimed a goal which the referee, from the position he happened to be in, did not allow. Had this claim counted Aberdeen would have been a goal up. It was a bit of bad judgment by Gault and Macfarlane as well which led to St. Mirren opening their account, either of whom, in an ordinary way should have taken the ball away easily, but for a momentary surprise at the suddenness of St. Mirren's attack. Then we had some delight¬ful play, in which Aberdeen had the best of the exchanges, Rae saving some great shots. Lennie was in romping form and made the ball, travel at a great pace. From one of his crosses, Henry Low hooked the ball on to Wilson who beat Rae with a regular daisy-cutter. It was a surprise to most of us when a burst away by the Saints front line saw them down on Macfarlane in a body, and after one or two good saves by " Mac," a miskick by Gault let the inside left in and the Saints closed the half with a lead of 2-1. This on play was not deserved, and it did not take the crowd long to understand that Aberdeen were not taking this lying down. Lennie was the shining light once again, and his drive at Rae might have went for nothing but for the sharpness of Wilson, who never takes things for granted. Rae got hold of Lennie's shot, and Wilson running on to him, he was unable to clear away the ball, the centre picking it up and planking it in the net. It was really the left winger's day out, and but for the Saints packing up their goal, Macdonald, Strang, and Halket would have had something tangible to their credit. Seeing they could get no headway themselves the home side set themselves out to prevent their opponents front getting there, and in this they succeeded, and were thankful for it at the finish, which came with the accredited score of 2-2.
Aberdeen gave a fine display and were distinctly unlucky in not taking the two points away with them. St. Mirren were bemoaning their fate at their two backs being absent, but Aberdeen balanced this with Boyle and O'Hagan away, so that they may be said to have started on level terms, and the home side were in luck's way for once in drawing.

Chatty Bits.

Without any bias, O'Hagan was the best man at Parkhead on Saturday. This we can testify as we saw him.
The home forwards were a poor lot in the open, but they got goals at close quarters.
We should say the selectors would not be able to make much headway in their final selection at Saturday's match.
Muir stood the test better than any of the other players we saw, and did some very smart things.
On present form Lennie seems to us to be as good a left winger as there is agoing. What a pity Aberdeen had not a fixture in Glasgow just now. The selectors would hardly overlook his claims.
At Paisley the left winger was in great form, and simply left Greenlees and the back standing at times.
Tom Strang was in fine form on Saturday; all over he was better than we have seen him this season.
He had one shot which took Rae all his time to get away, and deserved to count.
Gault is not nearly so good on the right as he is on the left, and this accounted for his first mistake.
Macdonald and Henry Low made a capital wing, but had bad luck in their scoring efforts.
We expect the team will now get along together bar accidents and make a few more points in the League.
Had Aberdeen been credited with a win over the Celts, as they deserved to be, the competition would have remained an open one, with their second defeat from Third Lanark on Saturday.
Dundee play the Celts on Saturday at Parkhead. Will the Dundonians succeed? We hope they will.
We understand that the Celts are to have a tour in the north at the end of the season, and wish to meet Aberdeen again. If this is arranged, and we hope it will, the Celts are to have their very best team forward to wipe out their League record.
No one can drag out of Secretary Philip what he was doing, or has done, with Watson, the Sunderland and Internationalist back. They travelled to Paisley together on Saturday.
It seems, that Watson is not adverse to shifting his quarters at the end of this season, but there will likely be a big transfer fee on him.
There was only one of the Aberdeen directors at Paisley on Saturday. Where were the others? We heard they were at another match in Glasgow spotting talent.
If this is so, they are taking time by the forelock this season. The A team forwards were far from satisfactory, and we may expect to see another change or two.
McEachran, who played at outside right, is a 'Varsity player, and he gave promise of being a good one.
A few more triers like him would make all the difference in the attack.
We are astonished that there are not more of the local juniors wishing to be tried at Pittodrie. They ought to go down and see if they can get a trial.
There are a great many applications for evening matches at Pittodrie.
It is about time the Charity ties were getting a look in. What are the Committee thinking on?

Source: Bon-Accord, 21st March 1907

St. Mirren Teamsheet
Rae; White, McCulloch; Greenlees; Robertson, McAvoy; Clements, J. Wilson, Cunningham, Gray, Anderson
Attendance: 4,000
Venue: St Mirren Park (Love Street), Paisley
Referee: Mr. J. Wilson, Broxburn
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